Moxxy is fully open source. You can find the source code on Codeberg. Additionally, the code is mirrored on GitHub.

Feel free to join the general chat or the developer chat with your favourite XMPP client.


Moxxy is built from various smaller libraries that are custom-made for this purpose. Some of them are for general usage, some are specific to the use case of building Moxxy.

Library Description Moxxy specific
moxxmpp XMPP library written in Dart No
moxdns DNS SRV resolver for Flutter Yes
moxlib Shared functions for Moxxy-specific projects Yes
moxxy_native Platform-specific code Yes
omemo_dart Implementation of the cryptography for OMEMO 0.8.3 with a high-level interface No

Custom XEPs

Moxxy currently implements some custom XMPP protocols to provide additional functionality. These are experimental and are intended to be upstreamed at some point.

Name Description
Extensible File Thumbnails Provide an extensible way of specifying thumbnails that are neccessarily binary data
File Upload Notification Allow communicating that an OOB file upload is currently running to improve the consistency of the conversation