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GSoC report - Moxxy MUC implementation

Posted by Ikjot Singh Dhody on 2023-08-20

Joining an MUC with Moxxy!

Posted by Ikjot Singh Dhody on 2023-07-24

Greetings, readers!

Welcome back to our series of blogs on the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) project. In this blog post, I'll be sharing the progress made in implementing Multi-User Chat (MUC) support in Moxxy, the frontend counterpart to my GSoC project.

XEP-0045 implementation in Moxxmpp

Posted by Ikjot Singh Dhody on 2023-06-17

Hello readers!

Welcome back to the GSoC series of blogs. This one is about my implementation of the MUC XEP (XEP-0045) in Moxxmpp.

Moxxy's First GSoC Project!

Posted by Ikjot Singh Dhody on 2023-05-06

Hello readers!

As we know, Moxxy is an experimental IM for XMPP built using Flutter. While it does have a great set of features as described here, it currently lacks support for group chats (or Multi-User-Chats). A great piece of news is that Google has accepted my proposal to add support for multi user chats in Moxxy.

Moxxy's New Website

Posted by PapaTutuWawa on 2023-01-24

Hello everyone! Welcome on Moxxy's new website. It currently does not contain much but that may change in the future.